Think you have a legitimate reason why you can’t make a living at what you want to do? Recently, mine has been, “I’m starting too late with these new endeavors.” I was hindered from some pursuits early on because of health issues and other trials while my colleagues sailed ahead in their careers. I didn’t find out I could write until I was 55 or compose until I was 65. Was I crazy for harboring hope?

David Salsbery Fry, operatic bass, decided to talk openly about his lonely struggle with childhood disease and discouragement, and it was so helpful. In the January 2016 issue of The Juilliard Journal, he said:

“Stephen Wadsworth gave a master class at Juilliard while I was there and he said, ‘Opera singers are damaged goods. Why else would anyone choose a profession that involves getting up in front of a room full of strangers and screaming “Ah!” at them.’ Some of the best performers who have graced the operatic stage have faced incredible challenges.”

He wasn’t as alone as he had thought. David succeeded in overcoming the internal and external voices that told him not to pursue a singing career because he was a hemophiliac. Instead, he has gone public to encourage other hemophiliacs to live their dreams as he lives his, though it is not without challenges.

I was so excited to find this article because this is exactly the kind of action The PoOL of Worship encourages. We ourselves overcome and then share our story to empower others. Simple formula. Worthwhile life.

So, come on. Together, let’s disengage “Shuffle” and select DELETE on that playlist that sings: “Who, you? You’ll never make it. You are too small, too old, too weak, grew up in too small a town, have too little time. You are not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, or rich enough. You can’t afford all the tools and education you need. Get a real job.”

Truth is: we are more than overcomers through our compassionate God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who strengthens us in ways we can’t imagine.

Let’s buck the odds, like David did, and then turn to lift another one up. And then another. Let’s END ARTISTIC ATTRITION in the body of Christ!


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