Harmonies of the Spirit: Explore the Musical World of Composer JUDITH MARKOVICH.

Markovich’s sought-out compositions create a musical odyssey of triumph over adversity. Energetic multi-metered rhythms, freewheeling spirit, and relevant themes plumb the depths of the human soul, inspiring, comforting, and challenging audiences of all ages.

Joined by Brazilian Women's Orchestra
Interview with commissioner Amaro Dubois
Works in the Oven!

For soprano, clarinet, viola, cello, harp. Commissioned by David Stern.

World premiere, 2025

Dr. David Stern
Oh, my son...

For narrator, tenor, violin, clarinet in A, timpani, piano. A work about suicide, commissioned by David & Kathleen Stern for Franklin Cohen and family.


Clarinetist Franklin Cohen 2025

Charles Neidich, NYC Wa Concert Series

Boston University


Fantastic! So Fun!
(The Looking Glass) is fantastic! Amazing! So fun and light and wonderful.
Joan Tower
Legendary Composer
Masterpiece for guitar
An album of mine with what I consider masterpieces of the guitar in this century…. Among them is “Resting Place” by Judith Markovich.
Sergio Puccini
Classical Guitarist, Argentina
I’m a fan and proud to say so.
The ability to work with and meet the needs of diverse groups is a true balancing act talented people from Michelangelo to the present have faced. She does this well.
Dr. David Stern
Award-winning Clarinetist and Commissioner
Exceptional  musical instincts and sensitivities
Judith is one of the most gifted young instrumentalists I know…her musical instincts and sensitivities are exceptional…has that special flare that eludes many musicians.
Franklin Cohen
Principal Clarinet Emeritus, Cleveland Orchestra
When Words Fail

For viola and harp. Commissioned by Tel Aviv harpist Rachel Talitman. Album release 2024 with French violist Pierre Henri Xuereb

Rachel Talitman
Resting Place

For classical guitar. Commissioned by celebrated Argentine guitarist Sergio Puccini | World premiere, September 2023 | Album release 2025

Acrobatic Dance Moves
freewheeling energy
Eloquent lyricism
"...inspired by the rapidly changing metres of Stravinsky’s Three Pieces for solo clarinet, the opening movement engages immediately for Deubner’s commanding execution of its acrobatic dance moves.
The third...its freewheeling energy and abandon.
It’s the eloquent lyricism of the solemn central part that registers most powerfully—the kind of mournful material for which the viola is perfectly suited.”
Three Miniatures: HOPE Album, violist Brett Deubner Available on all streaming platforms and vinyl
Play Video
Markovich shares interesting background in this video about “Three Miniatures.”

Why People Commission Her

Award-Winning Musicality

As a former award-winner and orchestral principal, Markovich's performances showcase the instinctive musicality and versatile style, forming an inspirational palette of unique colors and texture to work from. Click here to meet the performer.

Stage Prestige

Markovich clarinet artistry graced prestigious stages, including Carnegie Recital Hall, giving her the expertise to write for high profile clients. Why not have a piece written just for you or someone special? Click here for commission info.

Awakening Dreams

Markovich's work will convince audiences that it is never too late, nor are you too old to believe in the callings on your life, even if those gifts have been buried for decades. Visit her blog, On Becoming, and learn to embrace your potential at any age. You are worth it.

Unforgettable Creations

Commissioned to transform a tragic poem about suicide into a profound musical work, Markovich dove into the heart of the grieving father to create what can only be called "an unforgettable experience." Why not you? Visit the Commission page.

Podium Perspective

Markovich, a cherished teacher and conductor, who has played all orchestral and band instruments and nurtured each unique voice, writes wisely for all levels. Visit The Listening Room.

Servant's Heart

Known for her intense passion to serve the undervalued, Markovich's executive leadership experience led her to create a non-profit to empower Christian musicians and creatives to serve those in need. Learn more on the End Artistic Attrition page.

Diverse Achievements

Author Markovich started writing in her mid-50s. She has a varied portfolio including non-fiction, screenplays, ghostwriting, and blogging, all of which enrich her lyric writing. She works from her Tennessee home now on a novel series under a pen name.

About the Composer

Harmonious Insights
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Melodic Musings
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Rhythmic Revelations
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Sonic Journeys

Judith Markovich

Judith Pauley Markovich graduated with honors from The Juilliard School with a Master’s degree in performance. While in NYC, Markovich performed as clarinetist on prestigious stages, including Carnegie Recital Hall.

Markovich had no idea she had a composer gene, though for years she tossed fragments of tunes and rhythms written on napkin corners and paper scraps into a drawer and shut it.

At 65, Nashville’s David Moser McKay opened that drawer for her. He said, “You don’t know you are a composer?”

Her first piece was accepted by the 2022 International Composers Festival and praised by Joan Tower. Her first premiere – a symphonic poem in October of 2019.

In a short time, multiple artists from Tel Aviv, Paris, Italy, Argentina to the U.S. have since premiered her inspiring, programmatic works. Heard on radio in New Jersey, Canada, Kansas City, and Memphis, Markovich has been honored in recordings by extraordinary artists who truly champion her music.


Excellent Rating

Based on real performer/commissioner reviews.

This (The Looking Glass) is fantastic! Amazing! So fun and light and wonderful.
Joan Tower
Renowned composer
Shown to be a Special one!
Out of (3650 submissions from 860 composers), your work ("King for a Day") has shown to be a very special one, one that we look forward to perform next year very much!
Polo Piatti
International Composers Festival, Sussex, UK
Immensely Supports the Artists she works with
This piece is a masterwork that shows Markovich's incredible ability to portray meaningful images. She gets to know you and what you desire. I can't wait to perform, record, and commission new works by Judith Markovich.
Amaro Dubois
Brazilian Violist
Think my heart skipped a beat reading through it
Wow, Judith, this piece is outstanding. I think my heart skipped a beat reading through it. I would be SO honored to sing this. My God. I love this song.
Alysha Hinton
soprano, 2023 Nashville Opera Young Artist
Impressive combination of maturity and Enthusiasm
…superbly equipped in being resourceful, imaginative...she is an impressive combination of maturity and professionalism on the one hand, and enthusiasm and strong motivation on the other…highest recommendation….
Richard Killough
Former Director, NYC Lincoln Center Student Programs
Will make it happen
I could not imagine Judith working on a project she wasn't passionate about. Whether the outcome fits the original plan or not, once she sets her mind on something, she will make it happen. an initially thought. I'm a fan and proud to say so.
Dr. David Stern
Former award-winning clarinetist and Commissioner
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