The Silent Problem

Lost Purpose, Lost Artistry

Many artistic adults find themselves wandering without a clear sense of purpose. Despite their talents, they struggle to find direction in their creative endeavors.

Lacking Instruction in Improvisation

Within Christian communities, there’s a significant lack of instruction for classically trained individuals seeking to engage in contemporary worship.

Underutilized Gifts for Service

Countless artistic youth possess talents that could be used to serve the less fortunate. However, they often don’t realize the potential impact of their gifts on those in need.

Unrecognized Value of Musicians

Christian musicians frequently underestimate their own value and contribution to worship and ministry.

Wounded Creatives in Need of Healing

Numerous creatives have experienced emotional pain from wounding musical experiences that hinder their desire to offer their talent. Healing from those who understand is essential for them to thrive in their artistic pursuits.

Our Solution

Where Does My Help Come From?
  • Collaborate with classically-trained artists who are also Christians.
  • Engage with experienced worship leaders to gain inspiration and guidance.
  • Learn improvisational techniques to adapt to various worship contexts.
  • Discover opportunities to use artistic gifts for serving marginalized communities.

Be Empowered to Swim in Uncharted Waters

Our programs offer a supportive environment where individuals can explore and grow in their artistic and spiritual journeys.

What's The POOL?

A Haven for Artistic Souls

The POOL of Worship and The Outreach POOL are initiatives of Global P.O.W.E.R. Network, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and activating artistic individuals for service.

Empowering Churches, Empowering People

Through our network, churches are equipped to nurture and support their artistic members, preventing the loss of talent and reigniting passion for creative expression.

Restoring Purpose and Vision

We provide a home for those who have felt neglected or rejected in their artistic pursuits, offering healing, purpose, and opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Connect and Collaborate
  • Engage with leaders and ministry workers in building a supportive community.
  • Follow our strategic plan and proven programs developed by industry experts.
  • Restore, empower, and activate individuals who desire to glorify their Creator through their artistic talents.

Visit our website to learn more about our mission and how you can get involved.

Together, Let's End Artistic Attrition

Join us in empowering individuals, enriching communities, and restoring the arts to their rightful place in worship and ministry.
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