"Scribe the light!" ~ Judith

Hopefully, my work will convince you that it is never too late,

nor are you too old to believe in the callings on your life,

whether composing or writing, even if those gifts have been buried for decades.

Invest in yourself. You are worth it!

 ~ Judith Markovich ~


Hear all but Markovich’s most recent works.

See Score: J. W. Pepper

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     Woodwind – Trevco Music

     Full Repertoire – J. W. Pepper

Markovich earned a Master’s in Performance from The Juilliard School, not Composition. After years of performance, this award-winning clarinetist took her first composition lesson at 65…for fun. Five years later she witnessed the 2019 world premiere of her symphonic tone poem, “Emergence,” which addressed women’s emergence into their rightful careers. In 2020, “Three Miniatures for Solo Viola” premiered at the Komm Bach Festival in Paris. April 2021 saw a premiere on Arkansas Symphony’s River Rhapsodies Series. In June 2021, ASCAP’s New Music Friday featured “Remember” from Brett Deubner’s new “Mother Earth” album. Recently, the 2022 International Composers Festival selected one of her works for performance in Sussex, UK, and the 2022 Music Tomorrow Festival selected another.  She has studied privately with David Moser McKay and mentored with Joan Tower. Markovich’s life shows us it is never too late to invest in a missing piece of yourself.

To read Markovich’s blog story on becoming a composer, click here: https://judithmarkovich.com/on-becoming-a-composer


World Premieres:

Cornerstone Sonata for Viola and Piano

Brett Deubner (viola), Allison Brewster Franzetti (piano)

A Call from the Woods for Viola Solo

Amaro Dubois (viola)

King for a Day for Woodwind Quintet

International Composers Festival, Sussek, UK

I Think about the Star for High Soprano, Oboe, and Piano

Mary Ann Robinson (soprano), Beth Wheeler (oboe), David Glaze (piano)

Voices Long Kept Silent for Cello Solo

Diane Chaplin (cello)


Contact us to join the consortium for Cornerstone Concerto for Viola and Orchestra.


Brett Deubner (viola) and Allison Brewster Franzetti (piano)


ALBUM: Mother Earth


List of Compositions

Full Orchestra


Premiered on October 26, 2019 by the Spring Hill Orchestra under Conductor Rebecca Vendemo

Cornerstone Concerto for Viola and Orchestra



Choir and Orchestra

Hallelujah in the Darkness

Chamber Music with Strings

Lament for Piano, String Quartet, and Empty Chair

   World premiere scheduled for November, 2020 (postponed)

Three Miniatures for Unaccompanied Viola

   World premiere, June 6, 2020: Festival Komm Bach, Paris, France – Viola, Brett Deubner

The Dabbling Duck for English Horn and Cello

   World premiere on April 13, 2021, River Rhapsodies V Chamber Series, Arkansas Symphony – Beth Wheeler, English Horn; Jacob Wunsch, Cello

Alternate versions for Viola/Cello | Two Cellos | Clarinet/Cello

Remember for Viola, Piano, Chimes

   World Premiere, September 11, 2020: RESET Concert of Hope  – Brett Deubner, viola; Allison Brewster-Franzetti, piano. Parma release on Mother Earth CD, June 25, 2021

Alternate versions: Clarinet, Piano, Chimes | English Horn, Piano, Chimes | Piano and Chimes

Cornerstone Sonata for Viola and Piano

  World premiere, Spring 2022: Brett Deubner, violist; Allison Brewster Franzetti, piano 

A Call from the Woods for Viola Solo

  World premiere, Spring 2022: Amaro Dubois, viola


Chamber Music with Winds and/or Piano or Percussion

The Looking Glass

   For Woodwind Quintet, Trumpet, String Bass, Timpani and Percussion

King for a Day from The Looking Glass

   For Woodwind Quintet

   World Premiere: International Composers Festival, Sussex, UK, May 2022

Three Reflections from The Looking Glass

   For Woodwind Quintet, Trumpet (optional)

Beyond the Noble Way for Brass Quintet

   Premiere for fall of 2020 by the University of Akron Faculty Brass Quintet (postponed)

The Dabbling Duck for English Horn and Cello

   World premiere on April 13, 2021: Arkansas Symphony Orchestra River Rhapsodies V Chamber Series, Beth Wheeler, English Horn; Jacob Wunsch, Cello

   Alternate versions: Clarinet/Bassoon | Clarinet/Cello | English horn/Bassoon


   Versions: Viola, Piano, Chimes | Clarinet, Piano, Chimes | English Horn, Piano, Chimes | Piano and Chimes


Instrumental Chamber Music with Voice

I Think About the Star

   For High Soprano, Oboe, and Piano based on a poem by Lois Duncan.

   World premiere on December 2022: commissioned by Mary Ann Robinson, Beth Wheeler and David Glaze.

Came a Drop Gently

   For Mezzo soprano, Tenor, English horn, and Piano based on a poem by Walt Whitman. (2021)




 “In writing Three Miniatures, Markovich was inspired by the rapidly changing metres of Stravinsky’s Three Pieces for solo clarinet. The opening movement engages immediately for Deubner’s commanding execution of its acrobatic dance moves, and the third likewise impresses for its freewheeling energy and abandon. It’s the eloquent lyricism of the solemn central part that registers most powerfully—the kind of mournful material for which the viola is perfectly suited.”

Reviewer: Textura

Brett Douglas Deubner, international viola virtuoso, HOPE Album


“Can’t wait for your concerto…I’m your champion!”

Brett Douglas Deubner, international viola virtuoso


“I just listened…what a wonderful piece! I can’t wait to start work on it.”

Beth Wheeler, English hornist, Arkansas Symphony


“Fullest admiration…if I had been a composer, this is just the sort of thing I would have composed. So delicate and full of joy…I’m honored.”

Isobel Platings, granddaughter of hymn composer, Martin F. Shaw

“Inspired to create having been at the concert….a treat to experience especially your composition.”

Nick Coetzee, international worship leader/composer


“Delightful! Terrific! So full of light and joy!”

Joan Tower, composer

“…your work has shown to be a very special one, one that we look forward to perform next year very much!”

Polo Piatti, International Composers Festival, 2022

“I babysat my niece today and we were playing your compositions. She is two and immediately looked up at me and said do you hear that beautiful music?”

Aimee Callahan, Indiana worship leader

“I absolutely love it…your creative, soulful heart and genius have taken flight!”

Franklin Cohen, former principal clarinetist, Cleveland Orchestra


“Beautiful, Judith! Such deep, thoughtful writing.”

Rebecca Vendemo, conductor, trumpeter

“Marvelous! I love it!”

Ed Zadrozny, trombonist


“Absolute in meaning, the most beautiful lament ever.”

Brian McDonald, Composer


“Wow, this is gorgeous! The English horn sounds very vocal and I really love it.”

Beth Wheeler, principal English horn, Arkansas Symphony Orchestra