A Christian Writer’s Prayer: Your Words, Lord

Lord, as I began to write today, I stared at the words on the paper already written. Are they true? Are they life-altering? Are they Your perception?

My dilemma is, I don’t want to unknowingly speak untruth and have it spread. Your words are the only words worthy to appear in books, articles, posts, and on posters and pictures that spread across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Your words are quotable and lead us into truth. A word full of Your deep understanding is the only true understanding. Your perceptive words are the only perspective I want because Your words heal. They deliver. They strengthen. They bring joy. They comfort. They set people free from lies and things that hinder and bind and destroy and keep them from their destiny.

Your words, today, Lord, are what I want. Your words, full of Your understanding, grace, and wisdom, are what I search for. Send Your Holy Spirit and speak Your words. Let me speak nothing that would not cross Your bottom lip first.

As well, may I ask another favor from You, my Lord who is the Truth? Add the ability to discern, to listen, and to accept Your words as from a loving father’s perfect heart. Then I can use them instead of mine. Then they will know You as You truly are.

I pray all this with an incredibly grateful heart, knowing that I can come to you for real through the name of Jesus Christ, who bled a way for us all.

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