The Looking Glass : A Dance Suite for Large Chamber Ensemble

The Looking Glass : A Dance Suite for Large Chamber Ensemble


THE LOOKING GLASS, dedicated to the late Lynette Cohen, is a unique, programmatic, five-movement work for 12 players: woodwind quintet, trumpet, timpani, percussion, and bass. This transformative, contemporary dance suite was inspired by the poet Dale Wimbrow, who challenges us to be true to the guy/gal in the glass.

  1. The first movement embodies the carefree attitude of one who is blind to the disastrous consequences of not being true to yourself.

  2. The second movement expresses the grief, confusion, and wonder while you discover your true identity.

  3. The third movement walks us through the unsettling process of transformation.

  4. The fourth movement is a free, soaring dance as the biblical King David might have danced. It incorporates the use of percussion instruments by the wind players as well as added percussionists.

  5. The fifth and last movement is a joyful celebration of freedom!

    Two shorter versions are available: King for a Day (first movement), and Three Reflections (first three movements).

     “This is fantastic! Amazing! So fun and light and wonderful.”  Renowned composer Joan Tower

    “I truly see the dance, feel the dance and motion.” Composer/Artist James Jandt

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