Patience is a virtue I have to pray for

Used to be I’d walk out on stage and get it over with. Not now. As I become more skilled in this new age of electronics, I need patience. Lots of it!

Links, domains, and website plug-ins, and WordPress, and audio players, EQs, microverbs, compressors, video production, DAWs – we have to have them all for our online audience, they say. It can become a time-eating, tech monster. Did I forget to say, “Thank you, Lord?”

Add the new software releases and updates we have to learn, the xlr cables, mic splitters and microverbs, plus our family demands, community service, writers’ groups, friendships, and my dog’s insistence that she has to control everyone who walks by while I’m writing or practicing-little people, big people, curly or straight-haired dogs, brown trucks that stop in front of our house – and it’s no wonder I am only now, at 67, getting a website going for my music and writing with one very long sentence for which I have gathered words for years, waiting for this very moment.

Domains used to be where you lived. Links were in chain link fences or linked arms. A mouse was not a welcomed item on your desk, and my favorite laptop was my daddy’s where I sat as he mindlessly twirled my hair while he watched TV.

I am overcoming the massive learning curve by the grace of God. Old doesn’t mean stupid. I’ve got this. But right now, what’s tempting me to be impatient is the tech monster who hid the basic instructions on how to change the font size on my Home page. It looks pathetic. And I don’t know code, which, by the way, used to be a secret.

I’ll fix it, eventually, but at least I have a Home Page to welcome you with and excite you about what’s coming!

So what’s coming, Judith?

Now, now. Be patient.

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