PART TWO: Leave Procrastination in the Dust

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing,

taking risks, breaking rules,

making mistakes and having fun.”

Mary Lou Cook

So what happened?

Although I hadn’t made any of my goals, I was shocked to see how far I’d come on each of them. When I compared the results with all the false promises of the past, I was so encouraged, so encouraged. The despair melted and I reset my goals.

I was becoming me!

Okay, but what about years later?

As you read this remember, like some, I have projects in multiple areas of artistic endeavor, which can slow any one of them down. But! Some six years later since that day of despair in the previous post, the book I was going to write is now in third draft with three more books in the series finished in first draft. I’ve recorded on someone else’s CD and recorded two songs for my own, have a fundraiser in the works for my non-profit and a new board VP, and have composed and finished four pieces.

Yes, it has been a few years since that first commitment, but I’ve also moved to a different state more conducive to the arts, sold nine healthy pups, taught thirteen private students, learned how to and built two websites, written three books in draft form (one close to an editor’s door), lost a close friend and a dog, seen my husband and brother through cancer, dealt with health issues, took a job to write someone else’s book this year, learned to write and compose, set up two blogs to begin posts, and hurled myself over more than a few mountains of unexpected software glitches.

Oh, yeah. And I have grown kids, a hubby, and friends to love through their stuff.

What if I'd quit?

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t sat down, decided to take a good look at the fruit of procrastination, changed, made and remade detailed, realistic plans, and trusted God daily to help me finish the work He’d begun. As a result, I have finished some and will finish the other ideas He authors in my dreams. Quitting is not allowed in my plan, no matter the hindrances and even if it takes 25 years to complete.

Steps to leave procrastination in the dust

Check out Part Three with steps that could help you heal that nasty procrastination virus that likes to bed down for life. If you missed the first post in this series, you can go back to Part One.

Encouraged? Leave me a comment and tell me how this helped. I’d like to know more of what to post for you in the future. In being new to the blog world, that would be so helpful.

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