It was a dark and stormy night…no. One day I picked up my iPhone and the neighbor’s parrot…nope. How about: If I could only teach my dog to fix me lunch, I’d…. H-m-m-m. How should I start this book?

Not sure, but while I wait for that award-winning strategy to download, I’ll play hooky with a blog and let you in on the process.

Dick, Jay, and I have been through a lot since last August when I met them. My heart was captivated by their desire to write a book about the effects of their adoptions, but how would this be possible if I were their writer? These best friends – one in his fifties and one in his seventies – are in the construction business and avoid social media and computer technology like they would a skunk with his tail hiked up. I’m a free-flying artistic type who lives part-time in computer land with DAWs, five social media sites, and three websites. If that wasn’t enough of a hindrance, check out our childhoods: theirs is full of distrustful women and mine, full of distrustful men. The likelihood of disaster was high.

After a few months of adjustment, to say the least, some negotiation, fascinating interviews, and sprints up and down the risk meter, we were convinced. The contract was signed. Quite thankful to God, we stood amazed at the possibilities before us.

In our own power, we could not have put together a team of people that complemented each other so perfectly. But I’m sure we are in for a wild ride!

Early on, we agreed to a rough foundation. What was important to me was to spend my time creating something unique that would truly help empower others. After two interviews, I  knew they were in total agreement. Their stories are to promote healing and encouragement for adoptees and bring hidden wisdom to parents who plan to adopt. For a broader audience, these stories will certainly foster understanding to all those, like me, who have lived through abuse and want to see what drives them to do crazy things.

In the end, we aim to show that a bent nail can be straightened. Not only that, the straightened nail will be more useful than it was to begin with, as their lives will confirm.

I don’t even know the whole story yet. But I’ll tell you one thing from what I’ve heard so far.

It’s going to be a good one!