“…beautiful sound…very insightful musicianship, transcends the technical difficulties of her instrument and phrases with great maturity and feeling…I want to recommend her to you as strongly as I can. I am proud to have been her teacher and her friend and will watch her as her exciting career as musician and artist teacher unfolds.”

The late Leon Russianoff
World Renowned Instructor of Clarinet, The Juilliard School

“Judith…is one of the most gifted young instrumentalists I know…her musical instincts and sensitivities are exceptional…has that special flare that eludes many musicians.” 

Franklin Cohen, Principal Clarinet, Cleveland Orchestra

“That is the most beautiful clarinet sound I have ever heard!”

Anonymous conductor of an American ballet company

“That was so great! I fell right asleep.”

“I never liked clarinet…until I heard you.”

Audience members

 “That is some of the finest clarinet playing I have ever heard.”       

               Barry Tuckwell, international French Horn recording artist


We asked Judith Markovich this question:

As a performer solely of classical music, 

how did you get started

with improvisational worship?





“Do you want to see your friend healed?

Play for God for people. Don’t play for people.

Play for God for people.” ~ Anonymous

...on earth as it is in heaven



It was 1978 on the East Side of New York City.

Time to catch the subway toward home. I ended my conversation with the stranger at the hospital’s restaurant counter and rose to pay my bill. After I paid my bill and turned to leave, I bumped into the stranger again. He peered deep into my eyes and said:

“Do you want to see your friend healed?”

Stunned, I said, “Yes, of course.”

“Then go home and play for God for her,” he said. “Don’t play for her. Play for GOD for her.” 

During a time when I was far from my Christian upbringing, those words–my destiny–were given me as I left the hospital where my cancer-ridden friend lay. Had I seen an angel? Desperate, the next morning I obeyed the instruction. My friend, unaware of what I had done, received a miracle at the exact time I began to play across town in my NYC apartment.



Test the Principle

I was able to test this principle on a larger scale in 2009 on a trip to China with Marilyn Hickey Ministries. This was an international ministry tour and I was invited to play at the final prayer breakfast. I laugh when I said yes.  I played my brass whistle, which I had brought from the States, and on a whim, I played a Hulusi I had just bought.

What seemed crazy was I’d bought that Hulusi souvenir, made from a cheap gourd, for five dollars from a vendor that week, a vendor who ran alongside us, repeating, “You want this? fi’ dollar, fi’ dollar. Here, fi’ dollar, fi’ dollar.”

I messed around on it on the tour bus a couple of times for fun. That amounted to about 15-20 minutes on an instrument I had never heard of before the trip. I expected Marilyn to give me a polite smile and ask herself, “Why did I ever ask her to play without vetting her?”

Was I overconfident to accept the invitation? Maybe, but I knew the principle behind the anointing. It’s not based on worthiness. It’s all about faith and anointing. When I got up front, I told everybody, “I’ve learned not to play for people. I play for God for people. Hand Him your requests, and I’ll play.” As I played for God, I decided to play like a little child with a new toy. At first, I was surprised to see a few people break into tears; others began to worship. One woman in particular later recounted a deep personal healing that amazed me.

Why was this important? Not encouraged to pursue a career in music as a child, I lacked a mother’s blessing until 2009. As I waited at the elevator in China outside the hotel breakfast room, international ministry leader, Marilyn Hickey, walked up to the elevator. She stepped over to me and said to me, “That was so-o-o anointed, so anointed!” 

It was a mother’s kiss of faith and value. If God could use me at my worst, surely, He could use me at my best.


It Works!

The truth of the principle sunk deeper: It’s not about an expensive instrument, the right mouthpiece, fame, or hours of practice and Bible reading, though those are very helpful. It’s all and only about the anointing and light of Jesus Christ’s power in and through a musician, writer, dancer, actor, director. Without God’s anointing, I am nothing. I guess I got as much healing as everybody else did that morning. And believe me, I used my special splurge money to buy a good Hulusi on the way home.

Some Things Are More Important than Music

Yes, our founder was graced to attend The Juilliard School, perform at Carnegie Recital Hall, and to sit as principal clarinetist under Louis Lane for a few seasons, among other things. She is, however, downright ordinary to be around.

And yes, she has turned her passion toward composition and her non-profit for neglected Christian artists and humanitarian causes. Most days, she can be found in front of her computer, wrestling with new software, new sample sounds, DAWs, and a tangle of cords while her grown family pursues other interests.

But in her travels through life, Judith has learned one very important lesson.

Some things are more important than music.


Anointed Bliss

Judith, who was affectionately nicknamed “The Lady with the Whistle,” combines various wind instruments, such as Indian flute, brass whistles, Hulusi, C Flute with her trusty Buffet clarinet, a little keyboard, Dorico, and Cubase to produce worshipful soundscapes that enable God to heal and deliver people.

The gracious anointing on her sound and compositions releases people, some into a heavenly place of visions and prophetic encounters and others into deep emotional or physical  healing and rest – all as she plays for God for people.

Sure, Judith loves real sheet music and chamber music and the deep, dark underbelly of a clarinet sound, but this performer/composer has since discovered the thrill of free-flowing, improvisational worship and brings it to her publishing company, ScribeLight MUSIC.

It isn’t jazz. Nor rock. She swims in a new form of free-flow soundscapes that swirl in the atmosphere.

You can expect to hear more in future CDs. But for now, there is a rough sketch of her playing on SoundCloud.


Apart from her love for family, gardens, and missions, Judith marches on in search of new, anointed sounds from God’s throne room. No matter whether she writes classical music on a desktop software, creates worship songs or country songs, or flows with a team of improvisers who like to fly in the Spirit, she experiments with adapting various acoustic wind instruments to the electronic world of today and encourages others to do the same.

Her dream? To hear Jesus say, “Play a low G.” And when she does, her paraplegic friend will stand up out of his wheelchair, walk over to her, and ask her for the next dance. And maybe she will raise a few dead people. She thinks that would be wonderful.

But then again, that’s another story for another time.


Connect with Judith’s music


At present, Markovich plays and records in worship sessions near Nashville, TN., where some still fall into peaceful sleep while others receive healing. In her home studio, her dog, Harvest Sue, lies at her feet while she works.

Markovich is available to empower your worship service, conference, or to give her testimony of the miraculous hand of God in her life.

Meditational CDs are in the works.